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We provide the tools necessary for you to style, update or change your website independently. Who has time to wait for a web developer to make changes you need right away? Our interactive Drag&Drop / Point&Click platform allows you to take control over your site.

These are features that come with our services
  menus and menu buttons with editing preferences
  font control with styling/editing preferences
  pictures with styling/editing preferences
  free photo organizing
  various animations such as floating balloons for celebrations
  3'rd party services such as video, maps, payment, & email
  full featured mobile compatibility
  free custom domain name
  shopping cart, portable point of sale online orders
  events calender
  contact form with phone messaging

Successful Representations
   ♦ dog grooming ♦ tuscany ♦ holland ♦ country ♦ coffee ♦ next interlude ♦ tame the plain ♦ painter ♦ alta ♦ medical ♦ food ♦ food2 ♦ food3

New Zealand: sites we are completing
♦ Designer ♦ Coffee ♦ Tourism ♦ Stirling
  Artist corner hires local artists and painters to be your design specialist at NO extra fee. Our experienced web developers can resolve your needs. Our sites have been successfully recieving top search engine rankings & 99.9% up-time! Key Riders uses it's own software & photo/graphics programs. No photoshop.

&Sign Up is EZ
   Create an account with us ($10/month Hosting). Let us do all the work for you. Relax, while a unique masterpiece is created for you from the ground up. We offer the lowest development cost or your website is FREE! Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Is there a yearly contract? NO

Cancelations/Refunds are simple
  Because we are a $10 monthly subscription, refunds are given on any full prepaid month(s). Please note that even one day into your current month is not a full unused month.

Thank you for choosing Key Riders. Our trademark payment system and web browser and platform will be updated and announced later this year. We always pride ourselves in providing you with the BEST services at the Lowest prices & rates, guaranteed. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or if you would like to see a new service created just for you.

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*We support PURE NEW ZEALAND through New Zealand Organic Organizations